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How To Prepare For a Marine Survey

Providing the access necessary for a thorough inspection is the first step in receiving a complete survey. Boats contain a vast amount of summer recreational supplies.  It is vital to remove all your unnecessary "stuff" before your survey. The only supplies needed are your safety equipment.


This includes emptying storage lockers, compartments under V births and aft cabins, and cabinets that contain equipment in need of access for inspection.  The removal of mattresses and extra bedding from the vessel may also be necessary.


Canvas enclosures should be installed for inspection.


All marinized appliances must be readily accessible for inspection.  (access covers removed).


In situations where seats are temporally fixed, blocking engine and bilge hatches, please place seats on a quilted moving blanket to port or starboard side of the vessel for easy maneuvering.


Present the vessel as it would be for sale, attempting to receive its maximum value.  Exterior hull and deck should be washed and buffed with metallics polished. Bilges and below deck areas need to be cleaned.


Display all included equipment for inspection.


Safety equipment should be out on display for accurate inventory and inspection.


Neatly display relevant paperwork on galley countertops and dinette tables.

  •  Manufacturers binders

  •  Owners manuals for all equipment

  •  Invoices for previous work completed

  •  Maintenance records

  •  Ship logs  

  •  Registration paperwork


Block the vessel in advance of the survey, providing the best opportunity for a thorough hull/bottom inspection. MSS Ltd. can organize and add blocking for your convenience.


All gear and equipment included with the vessel should be made available to the Surveyor for inspection and inventory.


Any items not included should be removed.

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If Required, Survey Preparation Is Available Upon Your Request.

Written approval from the owner will be required if the Surveyor needs to dismantle the vessel in any way providing access to components or systems.

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