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Committed to Education, Technology and Excellence in a Fast Evolving Marine Industry 

At Marine Survey and Services Ltd our goal is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with our marine surveys and services provided.    

Through (ABYC) American Boat and Yacht Council.   We are committed to acquiring continuous education exceeding (SAMS) Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors minimum Continuing Education (CE) standards of 60 CE each five year period.

This simple, yet effective approach has fueled our growth since we opened.   


We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

Darin Kennedy Master Marine Technician Certificate ABYC
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Total CE Credits Accumulated 2021 = 33

Total CE Credits Accumulated 2022 = 38

Year to Date Accepted by SAMS Total = 71

2020 to Present

Total = 145 

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CEU3/3/2020 Attended Event: ABYC Breakfast Meeting - Bow Thruster Seminar (Approved)2


CEU4/17/2020 Completed Quiz: Surveying Electrical Systems with Ed Sherman - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU4/24/2020 Completed Quiz: Model Year 2021 - The Who, What, When, Where & Why - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU5/1/2020 Completed Quiz: Selection and Installation of Boat Batteries: The Good, Bad, and Ugly - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU5/29/2020 Completed Quiz: Lithium Ion Battery Basics - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU7/24/2020 Completed Quiz: Propane Systems - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU11/6/2020 Completed Quiz: Propeller Selection - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU12/4/2020 Completed Quiz: Common Causes of Boat Fires - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU12/18/2020 Completed Quiz: What's New with Electric Propulsion - CEU Quiz (Approved)1


CEU11/9/2021 Attended Event: USCG Risk Mitigation: Regulations & Electrification (Approved)6


CEU1/23/2022 Sur/Tech Recorded Conference online learning course completed. (Approved)10


ABYC Standards

CEU5/24/2021Online Course Testing (Approved)32

Total Credits Earned:32


Marine Electrical Technician

CEU4/30/2018Testing at Georgian College (Approved)32

Total Credits Earned:32


Marine Systems Technician

CEU1/16/2019Testing at Georgian College (Approved)32

Total Credits Earned:32

Master Technician

CEU5/24/2021MT (Approved)1

Total Credits Earned:1

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