Pre-Purchase Survey
Pre-Purchase Survey
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This is the most comprehensive type of survey inspection, strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.  The condition and overall operation of the vessel should be examined.  Basic inspection of items will include an inspections of the vessel' structural integrity, out of water inspection, sea trial (additional subject to availability),  basic electrical system, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, navigation, misc. on-board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics, and overall view of maintenance condition.

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This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. They are interested in the structural integrity and the safety for its intended use. Most insurance companies require a survey on older boats. They will also want to know the vessel's fair market value.


This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, donations, and legal cases.


This survey is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost, and if requested, the probable cause when a marine vessel has been damaged.

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